I'm an artist. A dreamer. A professional animal petter. I'm a designer. An old soul. A music lover. A friend. A hard worker. I'm determined. A people person. A traveler. A learner. I'm a teacher. A student. I'm a person finding their way in the design world with a dream & a passion.


There's graffiti on a wall that reads "The Earth without 'Art' is just Eh." It made me think and I hope it makes you think too. My goal is to keep the 'art' in Earth. I want to make people think and wonder. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you see or hear others appreciate your work. It's why I love the world of graphic design. Artwork that one may find insignificant, another may find important. I want to incorporate both in everything I do. Each side is thinking about why. That's the beauty of art.. and what I aim for every second.